15 Tips on How to Organize Your Child’s Wardrobe for the Autumn Season

An organised wardrobe and a functional storage space come with many benefits. Your child’s room will be tidier, sorting their clothes for washing will become a breeze and you dress your little one more quickly for school/nursery in the morning rush.

Here are 15 tips on how to prepare your little one’s wardrobe for the fall season.

Sorting the clothes

The first step is to gather all the clothes for the fall season in one place. Then get him/her try on all the kids’ clothes and shoes to see if they still fit. Make a list of everything you need to buy in the next size.

For the cold season, your little one’s wardrobe key essential items for the colder months are, long-sleeved blouses, thick tracksuits, a jacket, and a rainsuit or puddlesuit.

If your child is old enough, involve them in sorting the clothes.

Storage of kids‘ clothes

Once decided what clothes to keep and bought the things your little one needs, it’s time to store them. Make sure that you only keep what’s necessary.

When it comes to storing clothes, there are some tricks to take up less space in your wardrobe:

  • Roll the T-shirts and underwear;
  • Store blouses horizontally. You will form rows so you can see them all at a glance, and take out the ones you want without displacing the others;
  • Fold your jeans and trousers in quarters. The first step is to fold them in half, then fold them once more.

Make sure you protect thick clothes from insects such as moths. Did you know that there are natural solutions to keep them away? These include cedar oil, chestnuts, lavender, or cloves.

Another thing you should consider when storing clothes is to place them at your child’s level. If you want to teach them get dressed for school or nursery, it’s important to have easy access to everything he needs. Also, if you need boxes/containers, choose some transparent ones so you can see what is stored in them.

Don’t forget to decorate the wardrobe! Give it personality and choose something that suits your little one’s personality or includes their favorite things. Let them choose a theme and you can print cute stickers. This will motivate your child to keep the storage space organised.


Textile waste is one of the top sources of environmental pollution, after the oil industry. Don’t throw away kids’ clothes that don’t fit your little one anymore! If they’re in a good condition, give them to younger siblings, cousins, or other good friends. If they’re damaged, there are organizations or even high street stores that will recycle them.

You can also look for creative ideas to give them a new look or donate them. Search the internet for a map of local centres where you can donate kid’s clothes.