5 environmental habits you should teach your child

Children are our future. The decisions they will make regarding the environment will influence not only their lives, but also those of future generations. There are a lot of small things that we can do to contribute to the protection of the planet, right in our daily lives.

Here are 5 habits you should teach your child about how to protect the environment:

1. Reuse the objects you no longer need

Children’s imagination has no limits. Any object can be redecorated and turned into a new toy. Plastic bottles and packaging are among the most dangerous for our environment. You can easily turn plastic bottles into robots or rockets.

You can also sort your little one’s wardrobe and donate some of the kids clothes to other children who need them. If you have more children, keep the clothes of the older ones and pass them on to the younger ones.

2. Turn off the lights

This habit can be learned very easily by the power of example. Do not leave the lights on in rooms where there are no people or there is enough natural light. This is how your little one will learn to turn off the switch every time they leave the room.

Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity to contribute to the global reduction of energy consumption. This event is celebrated every year, on the last Saturday of March, between 20:30 and 21:30.

3. Plant a tree

Trees are the most valuable source of oxygen. On this occasion, you can teach your little one about deforestation and the responsible use of resources. In addition, your garden will be more beautiful.

When choosing a tree, pay attention to its species and the conditions it needs to grow. Autumn and spring are the perfect seasons for this activity. If you don’t have a garden where you can plant it, find out about local events that aim to plant trees. Enjoy the beautiful weather with your little one and enjoy the wonders of nature!

4. Make shopping lists

Teach your little one to be organized when it comes to shopping. Food waste is one of the most ignored problems that affect the environment.

It’s a very simple habit, but it has a visible long-term effect. This way, your family will buy only the necessary quantities of products and you will avoid food waste.

You can make the whole activity more fun by printing images of the products you want to put on the list and turning it into a treasure hunt.

5. Choose the bike or roller skates

Avoid personal car trips when not needed. In addition to the fact that this habit helps to reduce gas emissions, you teach your child to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Once your child has taken on the mission of saving the planet, encourage them to influence others to do the same!

Remember, the first step in taking care of nature is to learn to love it!





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