5 fun ideas of summer activities for children

The summer vacation is the long-awaited time of the year when our kids relax outside of a well-established routine. The magic of this season creates some of the most beautiful childhood memories, which the little ones will carry with them throughout life.

Even if your child doesn’t go to school these months, he may exercise some physical, cognitive, or social skills. As we all know, play is the best method of exploration and learning. In the park or during family vacations children experience new situations that represent an essential role in their development.

Summer brings so many other joys: holidays with their grandparents, more time spent with friends, going to the sea or in the mountains, or trying new games.

Here are 5 fun activities that your little one will love:

Thrilling trails in the adventure park

One of the best ways to spend a family weekend is to visit an adventure park. Children will be excited to spend hours climbing among treehouses, zip-lining, doing archery, and many other sports. Through this type of activity, they train their physical abilities, power of concentration, decision-making abilities, and courage in facing fears. 

Don’t forget to check the weather in advance to make the best of the time spent in nature. Use children’s clothing that will allow them to move freely and start your adventure!

Have a great time enjoying the summer rain

How long has it been since you last enjoyed such refreshing rain without the feeling of restraint? Next time when you hear the thunder, a sign of its arrival, take your little one outside. Dance, sing, jump in the puddles, and laugh with all of your heart! This will relieve stress and will have an amazing therapeutic effect. You can also enjoy the smell of damp grass with a session of easy breathing exercises. 

To make him feel 100% comfortable, we recommend dressing him in a waterproof overall. When you get back home, take a relaxing bath, drink a sweet-smelling tea, and read together a story surrounded by cozy pillows.

Stargaze at the beautiful night sky and discover the constellations

Most children tend to be fascinated by the magical beauty of the stars. Summer evenings are ideal for astronomy lessons. Try to find an open area with good visibility to the sky and where there isn’t much light pollution. Install an app that helps you recognize the constellations in the sky in real-time. Take a blanket with you to lay on it, and a notebook for your little one to draw the discovered constellations.

Make a time capsule and bury it

Memories are one of the most precious treasures. This isn’t only an interactive activity but also a way for children to show their loved ones what they like. Pick a set of objects and photos with things your little one likes the most, but which are also representative of the time in which the capsule is made. Choose a container, place the items inside, seal it, place a label with the date when it should be opened, bury it, and set a reminder. Don’t forget to write a letter together with the message that your little one wants to send into the future!

Grow your own aromatic herbs

If you want to educate your child in the spirit of protecting the planet, such an activity is a lesson in sustainability. In its essence, sustainability means the responsible and efficient use of natural resources. Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs is a great way to help the environment. 

You can start planting herbs in recycled containers with your child. These plants are a good choice because they are easier to take care of. The meals will definitely become more delicious with the spices that your little one grew!

Summer vacation can be challenging for parents: kids want to sleep too much or to spend too many hours watching TV. Therefore, it’s important to plan some engaging summer activities for your little one!




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