How to accessorise children’s dresses

Hot days are here and cute summer dresses are back in our little ones’ wardrobe.

As they grow up, young girls begin to be interested in accessories and matching them with their outfits.

Here are five ideas on how to accessorize dresses for your little girl’s outfits:

Accessories made by your little one

Buy a creative set for your little one and help her craft her own accessories! You could try the sets with beads and elastics and make bracelets or necklaces, or choose the hand embroidery sets. This way, your little one will get some nice accessories and will get to practice her creative skills and manual dexterity.

Colorful accessories are best combined with simple children’s dresses. This way, the outfit won’t become too overwhelming.

If your little girl is going to a party, such as the birthday of one of her best friends, this type of combination will surely put her in the spotlight.

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Colorful scarves

Another accessory to add the perfect finishing touch to your little girl’s outfit is a colourful scarf. You can create different looks with just one pretty scarf. Imagination is the only limit. Here are some ideas:

Tie it in her hair
Make a bow around her neck or hand
Use it in her braids.

We recommend this tye of accessory for elegant looks. If you go to an event where you want to match your outfit to your little one’s, you can do it very easily by using similar scarves.

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Flowers in her hair

Please don’t pick flowers from parks and gardens. How about using pre-cut or fallen flowers to make accessories?
When it comes to summer walks in the park or in nature, you can make your little girl feel like a fairy princess with just a flower. All you need is a hair clip to hold it in. Flowers look great with girl’s dresses made of delicate materials such as silk, veil, or satin.

We recommend that you do not pick flowers from parks. Turn into accessories the ones that are already cut or fallen. This way, you’ll teach your child to respect nature, to behave responsibly, and to find ways to enjoy its beauty without causing any harm.

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Transform toy figurines

You can turn any toy figurine into a pendant or earrings. For this, you need a colored/metallic spray, earrings or pendant hooks, and a drill. You can find all the materials in craft shops for creative hobbies. This way, you can recycle the toys that are no longer of interest to your little one. Make a hole in the figurine, apply spray on its surface, attach the hook and you’re done!

This type of accessory fits perfectly with themed children’s dresses. Does your little girl love animals? Choose animal figurines, transform them following the steps above and match them with her dress. She will feel confident and happy showing off the things she loves.

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Put on a cute belt

For white dresses or simple prints, a small belt can complete the outfit. It adds a splash of color and gives the outfit a stylish look.

You can also use this trick if the dress is a larger size. We know that children can grow in spurts and parents tend to choose a larger size when in doubt. A belt will make a wider dress look just right on your little one. We advise you match the belt with shoes or sandals for visual balance.

The iELM collection of kids and baby dresses includes pieces with minimalist but cheerful and playful prints, ideal for walks in the park and school/kindergarten days. Choose the dress you love and enjoy every moment with your little princess!




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