How to take care of your softshell kids jumpsuits

Softshell is a type of material that is used as a final layer, which can be worn over a first layer of cotton or wool. If it’s colder, you can add a jumper or a fleece jacket. iELM kids jumpsuits are a great fit for intense outdoor activities when the weather is cold, wet, or windy. They are suitable for those that require freedom of movement, lightness, and comfort. The outside is smooth but resistant to abrasion, and the inside is soft and allows moisture removal.

This fabric is breathable, windproof, thermoregulating, and, last but not least, waterproof.

For children who like to play freely in nature, it is a perfect choice. They can do outdoor activities for most of the year. Whether in spring, autumn, or winter, they will not sweat or be cold.

Before washing

Before washing your little one’s softshell jumpsuit, read and follow the care instructions on the label. If you usually take clothing labels off, store them in a safe place or make a picture of them so you can read them again if necessary. Then clean the impurities on their surface such as dust or mud. The advantage of clothes made from softshell is that they are very easy to clean. Make sure the zipper is closed before putting them in the washing machine if you choose not to wash them manually.

The washing process

In addition to the instructions you will find on the label, the most important aspects that we recommend you to keep in mind so as not to damage the softshell material are the following:

-Wash them at a low-speed washing machine program;
-The water temperature must not be higher than 40 ° C;
-Do not use bleach;
-Do not use a fabric softener.


Like the cleaning process, the drying process is quite easy. Air drying is preferred, even if it takes longer. Also, children’s waterproof jumpsuits don’t need to be ironed.


The last step in the routine of washing children’s waterproof jumpsuits is storage. Make sure they do not stay wet for too long in the drying process. Also, do not store them in places where the humidity is high.

It’s important to remember that the jumpsuits are not completely waterproof. Even if the softshell is a waterproof fabric, there’s a chance some humidity might go through the area of the zipper, seams, or cuffs.

Also, the iELM kids jumpsuits do not contain chemicals, so your little one is not exposed to any danger. This is guaranteed by the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. In order to obtain this certification, none of the 100 substances known to be harmful to health must be found in the textile material. If you want to know more about Oeko-Tex certification, GOTS certification, and the importance of chemical-free clothing, read our article here.

The more we take care of the clothes we wear, the more they’ll last, they’ll perform better and we’ll enjoy wearing them longer. This also leads to a reduction of the negative impact on the environment if we frequently buy new clothes.




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